domenica 28 maggio 2017


My dear friends, time is passing so fast and I'm here to have  a look on my blog only now since long time...sorry for my delay but I've been really so busy. 
I'm showing you today some pictures of Celebrations of Needlework show where I've been the first week end of May. So much fun indeed!!! and so happy to meet all those kind ladies.
 I've been in Boston too, and visited the town of Concord, the little village where Little Women writer was born, actually I had the opportunuty to visit that house and cannot tell you my emotion !!!
I had so much fun in Boston is a town that I really like very much and I'm going to go back and visit more of this beautiful area.
...More later my friends with more pictures and news.
Love you all and..keep on Stitching!!! xxx Niky.

giovedì 27 aprile 2017

TWOSC 2017 second KIT

 Hello Hello!!!! Today there's a wonderful new for you...TWOSC 2017 second kit is ready!!!
Here you can see the second project of the club 2017, a lovely needlebook, with blackwork too. Isn't it adorable?
 A little heart inside to keep needles and pins safe...
 it's perfect together the first kit here below...

 Kits are ready to be sent...can hardly wait!!It's always time to sign up for this club, registration are still open as I've some material available to make more kits, so please be free to write me
I was really very busy during the last few weeks, just back from USA and from my classes I started to work for Celebrations of Needlework show in Nashua next week end.  The show is very nice and I'll give  a class too click here to see it....
I'm almost ready to leave and I'm so happy to meet you all again...well,... see you in Nashua then...
keep on Stitching...                                                 xxx Niky.

sabato 15 aprile 2017


 Good morning my friends!!!! its' already Easter time and I'm finding myselfe so busy, busy like a Bee!!! I'm setting everything for Celebrations of Needlework in Nashua , the show'll be on the first week end of May and I can hardly wait to be there!!!
So I'm busy in setting kits for my class and for Round Robin kit. In the mean time I need to make more linen as I sold out in Nahsville and now I have to replace it, so here is my 32ct Sage, 32ct Antique rose and 32ct Steel. below is Steel the linen I used for my new chart tea for two isn't this so sweet?
 You can see all of my linen and order them on my website clicking on the link:  HERE

 ...and here is my class for CELEBRATIONS OF NEEDLEWORK !!! It's called Shepherdess Sewing Basket, isn't this so cute??? Only few spots are left so if you 're interested in taken this class please click on HERE for more information.

 ...and this little wood heart coverd with this sweet design is my Round Robin kit you can find in Celebration too. 
If you do not come in Celebrations of Needlework and you want to buy those kits please be free to write me : those kits'll be available for you at the end of May.
Well, it's all for now, I wish you a Blessing Easter ..
                                            Keep on Stitching            xxx Niky.

giovedì 23 marzo 2017


 Hello my dear friends, I'm just back from USA where I've wonderful time at market and giving classes!!! This picture is my friend Jennifer from Longont who organized my class in Colorado!!!

 here my 'student' in the class, sooo talented!!!

 Visiting a Stitching shop in Denver is always such a pleasure!!!
 With my freind Antonella who lives in US she is so patience in helping me at market!!! I'm in another beautiful shop in Nashville: 'Stitchin' Post, Pat the shop owner is a wonderful person and her shop is so cozy!!!!!!
 here I'm with Susan Greening Davis at her retreat in Myrtle Beach where I gave a class with her too!!!
 Here is Bonnie, Susan and Brenda at the big opening of Sassy Jack Stitchery in Ashville a new beautiful shop in North Carolina.
here is my booth at Nashville Market and my class to shop owners.
I can tell you I stayed in US more then one month and I had  a wonderful time meeting new friends, and giving classes to very talented and lovely ladies, I thank everybody I met during this trip, all wonderful poeple indeed!!!
It's time for new designs and classes and projects, so...more later my dear friends..keep on  stitching                                                                                       xxxNiky

mercoledì 1 febbraio 2017


 Hello hello!!!!! happy first of February!!!!! So today is time to show you all  my new releases for Nashville market 2017. I'm so happy to show my news, I really those designs I think they are very sweet and I hope you think the same.
 If you're interested in them do not exitate to contact your local needleshop and be sure to book them for you.

 Blue Bunny kit is so cute, you can have everything you need inside of it: chart, finishing, thread, ribbon and this lovely wood bunny thread keeper...
 ..and how about Be Friend!!!! Friendship is so important, stitch it for your best friend, and enjoy!!!
 House of cooking is another design to add at the series HOUSE remeber sitching, quilting sewing...and so on...
So here they are my new releases for market, enjoy them and if 'll stitch one of those please share picture with us. Keep on Stitching xxx Niky.

sabato 28 gennaio 2017

TWOSC 2017

 Hello everybody are ready for another year together with TWOSC 2017? here is the first project for you. A beautiful pincushion and scissors case. Do you like it?First Kits are ready to go...
here all information about:
The project consists of three exclusive and limited edition kits that
will get to the club members on January,
May and September.
Each kit includes: exclusive design, finishing instructions
linen, threads, fabrics , wools, buttons... everything you need for
stitching and finishing the project.
The total cost is $ 100, shipping included, for all the three kits.
It is possible to pay in advance on my Paypal account
This is the only initial cost, in this way you can book the
membership of the club and the kits that, because of the materials
contained, are exclusive.
All the projects will be different and I'll show them at the end of each quarter
month on my blog and my facebook page and instagram.
I thought it would be nice to keep us in company for one year with a
simple and exclusive quick embroidery.
So...why don't you pick up your needle and start this adventure???!!!

Fun is garanted.
I look forward to your kind reply with your home address in order

to send you immediately your first kit to make the lovely 'Scissors keeper and
pincushion' .
Keep on Stitching ..                                   XXXNiky.

lunedì 23 gennaio 2017


Hello my dear friends, it's a busy time here !!! I'm setting news for Nashville market 2017. I'm so happy to be able to show you two of my new six designs for Spring.
BE FRIEND , is a very sweet sampler with really soft colors. I love cotton tail bunnies jumping on the grass, and the dresses of the little girls are really adorable..don't you like them?
The second picture is HOUSE OF COOKING!!!! My 'House of'..collection is going on and this year is the year of the kitchen
.stay tuned my friends.....more later with more news.
keep on stitching                         xxx Niky.